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Introducing RideSafe XT & Sleep Mode: Revolutionizing Transit Bus Security

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In today’s world, transit agencies face numerous challenges, from vandalism to loitering and vagrancy. The safety and security of buses, especially when they are out of service, have been a growing concern. Thankfully, March Networks is here to address these issues with groundbreaking technology. With the launch of RideSafe XT and Sleep Mode, transit agencies can now safeguard their buses more effectively while saving significant costs.

The Sleep Mode Solution: One of the most exciting features of the new March Networks RideSafe XT NVR is the innovative ‘Sleep Mode.’ This AI-enabled technology aims to eliminate damage and risk when buses are not in service, ultimately saving agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Let’s delve into the problem it solves and how it works.

The Problem: Transit agencies have long suffered from incidents of vandalism and damage to buses while they are out of service. The primary issue is that when buses are powered down, there is often no video being recorded. Some agencies have attempted to counteract this by installing motion detectors at a considerable cost, triggering video recording for a short duration when motion is detected. However, this approach has its limitations:

  • Delayed Recording: The video recording doesn’t start quickly enough as the NVRs (Network Video Recorders) must boot up before recording, allowing the perpetrator to escape before recording begins.
  • Limited Coverage: If the perpetrator moves to another side of the bus, they go out of the field of view of the triggered camera, rendering the recording ineffective.

The Solution: March Networks’ Sleep Mode, featured in the RideSafe XT NVR, employs AI video analytics to detect the presence of people near the vehicle instantly. As soon as a presence is detected, recording begins, ensuring that critical moments are never missed.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Continuous Video: No loss of video during crucial moments when it is needed most.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Multiple cameras start recording, providing better video evidence.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminates the need for expensive motion sensors, timers, and the time-consuming NVR boot sequence, saving agencies between $350 to $500 per bus.
  • Accurate Analytics: AI analytics distinguish between people, animals, rain, and more, recording only when necessary, preventing false alarms from draining the battery.
  • Gateway to the Future: Sleep Mode is just the beginning of March Networks’ AI-enabled transit solution, featuring Nvidia SoC for onboard analytics and integration with Searchlight Cloud for enhanced functionality.
  • The Most Powerful Transit Bus Recording Platform: Apart from Sleep Mode, RideSafe XT offers an array of features making it the most powerful, purpose-built transit bus recording platform on the market. With an AI-enabled platform and onboard analytics powered by Nvidia System on Chip (SoC), it ensures the highest level of performance and video analysis.
  • NDAA Compliance and Cyber-Security: For agencies seeking federal funding, RideSafe XT is NDAA compliant, making it accessible for all federal projects. Additionally, March Networks has taken cyber-security to the next level with a hardened Linux OS to reduce the attack footprint and end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive data.

In Conclusion: March Networks and the RideSafe XT, with its groundbreaking Sleep Mode, are using advanced AI technology to address real-world problems faced by transit agencies worldwide. It’s not just about having all the video you need but also saving money on every bus.

Sleep Mode’s unique ability to detect and record only when necessary, ensures that transit agencies can protect their assets and reduce costs simultaneously. As the transit market evolves, RideSafe XT and Sleep Mode pave the way for a safer and more cost-effective future.

In a world where security and efficiency are paramount, March Networks is leading the way in revolutionizing transit bus security. With RideSafe XT and Sleep Mode, transit agencies can finally rest easy knowing their assets are protected, even when they’re asleep.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of this innovative solution, contact us now, or learn more on our website at

We will also be at the CUTA Transit show in Edmonton, Alberta, from November 12th – 15th at booth 622, so come by and see us if you’re there.

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