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Elevate your banking security strategy with advanced video surveillance solutions

Discover how financial institutions are leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including video systems, to elevate customer service and fortify the protection of a bank’s assets from fraud and theft.

Uncover sophisticated approaches to addressing the changing risk landscape with technologies that feature searchable video, transaction-linked footage, and real-time availability. This White Paper, developed in partnership with, sheds light on innovative ways video is shaping the landscape for banks and financial institutions. Download now for more insights!

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What’s inside

  • Technology And Changing Threats
  • Responding To Fraud
  • Preventing ATM Theft
  • Centralized Management
  • Improving Operations
  • AI-Driven Video Analytics

As a global leader in IP video surveillance and business intelligence applications, March Networks helps businesses improve banking security, protect their assets and gather valuable insights that can enhance profitability.

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