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image of a lady in the car inserting card in ATM machine


  • Redact objects of interest within your video by blurring or blocking them
  • Mute or bleep sensitive words or phrases within the recorded video (i.e. spoken names, social security numbers, phone numbers and more)
  • Manage your redaction workloads by tagging audio or video evidence with its status for easy project tracking among your team

Expedite the redaction of audio, video, and image-based evidence in your video with Veritone Redact. Through this collaboration, March Networks® Command™ and Searchlight™ software work with Veritone Redact to automate the process of redacting sensitive imagery or audio.

This solution systematically detects sensitive objects within a scene (e.g., human heads, license plates, vehicles, computer screens, etc.), then automatically censors or obscures those objects from your recorded evidence. From there, the redacted evidence can quickly be downloaded – complete with audit logs – to support chain of custody requirements and share it with colleagues and third parties.

The high cost and time requirements of redacting sensitive information from recorded evidence can take a toll on resources and budgets within a business. This cloud-based solution automates the process of obscuring sensitive objects or audio in recorded evidence, significantly improving manual and time-intensive, frame-by-frame and word-by-word evidence redaction workflows.

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