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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024: Voices of Empowerment and Equality at March Networks

On this International Women’s Day 2024, March Networks proudly shines a light on the voices, victories, and visions of our women staff from across the globe. Their stories and experiences pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future. Where gender equality and empowerment are not just ideals but realities we live by.

Women’s Voices at March Networks

From Mexico to Poland to Canada, from technical support to legal to software design, our women play important roles in innovation, communication, and leadership.

Loyda Duque, our Office Manager in Mexico, calls for breaking traditional barriers by giving women opportunities in roles traditionally held by men, such as in systems and engineering. Her advice? Preparation, adaptability, and respect in every professional endeavor: “As in all professions, a lot of preparation, the ability to adapt to a very masculine environment, and a lot of respect for the work of others,” are key to success.

Katarzyna Zrubek-Kunc, the new HR & Administration Assistant in our Poland office, emphasizes the power of showcasing strong, inspired women to encourage others. “I am proud that I was chosen to join this incredible community – March Networks Poland and March Networks itself,” she shares, underscoring the value of belonging and the importance of representation. Her perspective highlights the power of representation and the ripple effect it can create.

Technical Support Specialist, Falguni Sharma from our HQ in Ottawa, Canada, speaks to the supportive culture at March Networks, saying, “March Networks has always shown its genuine support towards gender equality…I would like to thank March Networks for that and hope to have it like this in the future as well.” She champions the idea that the rise of women does not signify the fall of men but rather a collective ascension towards excellence.
From our Dubai office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Office Manager Maria’s message is one of empowerment and recognition: “Trust, believe, and show that you can. Never, under any circumstances, underestimate what a woman can do. In every success of a company, a woman is behind it.”

Ottawa’s Jane Qin, UX Designer, proudly discusses her role in advancing our company’s technology, “One of my proudest accomplishments…is designing the UI style guide and framework for our Command Enterprise Software’s web client application.” She calls for “encouraging diverse representation in leadership roles,” to drive equality forward. Her advice? Stay curious, embrace opportunities, and leverage unique perspectives.

A Statistic That Speaks Volumes

March Networks’ focus on gender equality and empowerment is not just theoretical but is evidenced by tangible actions. Over the last three years, the company has made significant strides in increasing the hiring of women: from 9 women in 2021, to 20 in 2022, and 23 in 2023. This upward trend is a clear indicator of our dedication to creating a more balanced and diverse workforce.

There is still more work to do, but we are trending in the right direction, thanks to deliberate actions to further equality and diversity at March Networks.

Empowerment Through Action

As we commemorate International Women’s Day this year, let’s remember that every voice matters, every achievement is worth celebrating, and every step forward is a step towards equality. March Networks is committed to not only empowering its women but also to championing gender equality every day.

Christine Maher, Chief Legal Officer says, “I am proud of the culture that we are building at March Networks. There is positive energy in our office, employees are happy and willing to cooperate with each other.”

This culture is pivotal in empowering women to aspire, achieve, and thrive. She believes that “Making leadership and development programs available to women can empower women to enhance their skills and advance their careers.”

March Networks Communications Manager, Jac Ondaye, highlights the importance of mentorship and leadership, urging all businesses focused on gender equality and inclusion to, “Promote mentorship programs for women and work to increase women’s representation in executive leadership.” As one of the 23 women hired by March Networks in 2023, Jac says “I am proud and grateful to learn from inspiring women in leadership at March Networks – like Christine – and I value teaching other women skills and strategies learned throughout my career.”

Julia Fil, a Senior Software Designer in Ottawa advises women to trust in their capability: “Women are capable of being successful in many different areas. The technical industry is not an exception. So, if you like it, go for it.” She adds, “I’m proud of growing into a Senior Software Developer and building reliable solutions that meet customer needs.”

Celebration and Reflection

This International Women’s Day, March Networks celebrates the courage, achievements, and aspirations of our women staff. Their insights remind us of the ongoing journey towards gender equality and the steps we are taking to ensure an inclusive, empowering future for all.

Falguni Sharma’s sentiment captures the essence of our collective aspiration: “March Networks has always encouraged and supported women not just on Women’s Day but every single day…Thank you for always being so supportive March Networks!”

As we echo the courage of our women this March 8, let us also reflect on our strength in the face of difficulties and the shared goals we pursue.”To all the women of March Networks…we have to pursue goals and fill ourselves with strength in the face of difficulties.” – Loyda Duque.

Jac Ondaye’s final advice for women working to advance their careers, particularly in industries traditionally saturated by men: “Advocate for and communicate your value constantly – confidently claim your space.”

Here’s to a future where every day is a step towards more equality, opportunity, and empowerment for women worldwide.

Happy International Women’s Day 2024!

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