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March Networks Unveils EL-Series NVR: Redefining Enterprise Video Surveillance at a Budget Price

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In the ever-evolving world of intelligent video solutions, March Networks has once again proven our leadership and commitment to our customers. At the prestigious Intersec Dubai event, we announced the launch of our new Essential Line (EL) Network Video Recorders (NVRs), a landmark in cost-effective, yet advanced video surveillance. This product is set to redefine how businesses approach their security and operational efficiency.

The Problem It Solves

Many organizations want to have a cost-effective Enterprise-class video system either in the Cloud or on-premise, with a robust centralized video surveillance platform that enables them to view, analyze, export and share key video clips of incidents and alarms. EL-Series NVRs deliver the essential functionality you need to cost-effectively implement an enterprise system with advanced data analytics at an attractive price.

What Sets the EL-Series Apart

The EL-Series, encompassing the EL08 and EL16 models, is tailor-made for multi-site businesses managing up to 16 cameras per location. What makes it stand out is its unique combination of affordability and high-end features. As Peter Strom, CEO of March Networks, aptly puts it, “The EL-Series represents an important market expansion for March Networks, providing access to enterprise-class video surveillance and business intelligence solutions at a budget-friendly price point.”

Key Features of the EL-Series

  • Cost-Effective Solution: The EL-Series breaks the price barrier, offering enterprise functionality without additional camera licenses or software maintenance agreements.
  • Centralized Management: Compatible with March Networks’ Command Enterprise VMS software, the EL-Series allows for efficient and real-time security device management from a central location.
  • Cloud or On-Premise Deployment: Offering flexibility, the EL NVRs fit perfectly within the complete March Networks Cloud Suite, catering to varying business needs.
  • Advanced Data Analytics: Integration with Searchlight and Searchlight Cloud platforms turns the EL-Series into a powerful business intelligence tool.
  • Security and Compliance: With end-to-end encryption and NDAA compliance, the EL-Series ensures top-notch security.

The March Networks Advantage

March Networks is a global leader in intelligent video solutions. This launch at Intersec Dubai highlights our commitment to offering top-tier, yet accessible technology to a global audience. The EL-Series is a testament to our dedication to enhancing operational efficiency, security, and profitability for businesses across various sectors – at an attractive price point.


The launch of the EL-Series NVR is more than just a product release, it’s a strategic move that empowers businesses of all sizes. It perfectly encapsulates March Networks’ values of delivering high-quality, intelligent video solutions that are both advanced and affordable.

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