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ROI and Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solutions: Examples, Tips and Insights from Recent Webinar

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As the Director of Marketing at March Networks, I had the pleasure of leading a recent webinar hosted by Security Info Watch, where we delved into the transformative potential of cloud-based video surveillance systems, and the tangible returns on investment (ROI) businesses can achieve by transitioning to cloud systems. Our discussion was rich with data, customer stories, and a clear path forward for organizations looking to modernize their security infrastructure. Here, I want to share my insights and the compelling evidence we’ve gathered on the ROI that the cloud offers.

The Need for Modernization

The webinar kicked off with a stark look at the current landscape of video surveillance systems. In our 2024 survey on Cloud-Based Video Surveillance we conducted with Security Info Watch, we found that outdated technology (30%), cybersecurity vulnerabilities (27%), and high maintenance costs (26%) are the primary challenges organizations face with their current video surveillance systems. These pain points underscore the critical need for modernization, as they are significant real and/or perceived barriers to safety, efficiency, and growth. Why perceived? Because while costs are a factor, investing in intelligent cloud-based video surveillance brings significant returns on investment, as you will see.

The Cloud Solution

Organizations are facing challenges like high costs, network infrastructure issues, and the limitations of legacy systems. Despite these challenges, the shift towards cloud-based systems is gaining momentum. The benefits are vast and varied, driven by the appeal of real-time alerts, which 55% of survey respondents highlighted as crucial, enhanced cybersecurity (46%), and user-friendly dashboards (36%). These advantages are why more and more organizations are moving to the cloud.

The transition to cloud-based video surveillance is not just an upgrade, it’s a paradigm shift.

In-Depth ROI Analysis

During the webinar, I shared several case studies that exemplify the tangible benefits of cloud adoption:

  • A Large Retailer’s Transformation: By centralizing video management across more than 5,000 stores using Command Enterprise Cloud, this retailer realized $65 million in total cost savings over five years, netting an ROI of $40 million. The savings came from various efficiencies, including reduced liability from equipment downtime and significant reductions in service calls due to remote troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Operational Audit Impact: We showcased how cloud-based solutions can save millions in compliance and fines. For example, by addressing blocked exits proactively, one retailer avoided over $10 million in OSHA fines in a single year. This is a powerful testament to the preventive capabilities of modern video security systems.
  • Cloud Analytics Driving Profitability: In a proof of concept with a Quick Service Restaurant chain, the integration of video surveillance with transaction data and analytics led to a $480,000 annual increase in profitability across 100 stores. This was achieved by improving operational efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience, thereby increasing the speed of service, the number of customers, and the average spend per customer.

The March Networks Cloud Suite

I’m particularly proud of the comprehensive Cloud Suite of solutions we offer at March Networks. Our Cloud Suite includes everything an organization needs to manage, monitor, analyze, store, and share video surveillance data securely in the cloud. It’s about more than just security; it’s about leveraging video as a tool for business intelligence and operational efficiency.

This webinar and the data we’ve shared are more than just a presentation; they represent our commitment at March Networks to not only provide state-of-the-art security solutions but also to empower organizations with the insights and tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The move to cloud-based video surveillance is a journey we are excited to lead and support.

Transitioning to the Cloud

Transitioning to a cloud-based surveillance system can seem like a daunting task for many businesses, particularly when considering the challenges highlighted in recent survey results, such as high costs, network infrastructure concerns, and compatibility with legacy systems. However, with March Networks, the move to the cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It’s a tailored journey that fits the unique pace and needs of your business. Here are five tips for businesses looking to make this transition smoothly:

1. Start with a Hybrid Approach
A hybrid management method is the most common video surveillance strategy. This approach allows you to maintain on-premises hardware where it makes sense while gradually integrating cloud private and public capabilities. This strategy can ease concerns about bandwidth and network infrastructure by minimizing the immediate impact on your existing setup. March Networks specializes in facilitating this transition, ensuring that your move to the cloud is as seamless and non-disruptive as possible.

2. Address Cybersecurity Proactively
Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are a major concern for organizations considering cloud adoption. It’s crucial to partner with a cloud surveillance provider that prioritizes end-to-end encryption and regular security updates. March Networks’ cloud solutions are designed with robust security measures to protect your data, addressing these concerns head-on and ensuring your peace of mind. In fact, 1,000+ banks, including some of the largest, most complex banks in the world trust March Networks video surveillance and analytics solutions because of our robust cybersecurity and data privacy practices.

3. Capitalize on Cloud ROI
Worries about the cost of transitioning to and maintaining a cloud-based system are valid, but it’s important to understand the broader economic benefits. Cloud surveillance systems can significantly reduce maintenance and upgrade costs over time. Our case studies have shown that the ROI from reduced downtime, fewer service calls, and operational efficiencies can outweigh initial expenses. March Networks works with you to identify cost-saving opportunities, making the economic case for cloud adoption clear and compelling.

4. Leverage Scalability to Your Advantage
One of the greatest strengths of cloud-based systems is their scalability. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, you can scale your surveillance system to match your growth, adding new cameras and storage as needed without major infrastructure overhauls. This scalability can mitigate concerns about future expansions or reductions, allowing for flexible adjustment to your changing needs.

5. Utilize Professional Support for Legacy Systems Integration
Finally, the integration of legacy systems into a modern cloud-based solution is a common hurdle. March Networks excels in providing professional support and expertise in this area, ensuring that your existing investments are not wasted. Our team can help bridge the gap between old and new, ensuring that your transition leverages the best of both worlds. This approach addresses concerns about leaving behind functional equipment, ensuring a smooth and efficient upgrade path.

By following these tips and partnering with a provider like March Networks, businesses can navigate the perceived barriers to cloud adoption, leveraging the power of cloud-based surveillance to enhance security, operational efficiency, and overall business intelligence. The journey to the cloud is a strategic evolution, not a sudden leap, and with the right partner, it can be a smooth and rewarding process.

Closing Thought: The evidence is clear. Moving to a cloud-based video surveillance system is not just a strategic decision for enhancing security; it’s a powerful lever for operational efficiency and profitability. I invite you to explore how the March Networks Cloud Suite can transform your approach to security and business intelligence and provide extensive ROI to your entire business.

For those interested in delving deeper into the specifics of our webinar and learning more about our solutions, I encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs with one of our expert solutions representatives. Our team has experts in many industry verticals and can work with you on tailored solutions based on your unique needs.

I look forward to the conversations and innovations that will emerge as more organizations embrace the cloud, and March Networks is here to support that transition every step of the way.

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