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March Networks Cloud Suite

Leading the Transition of Enterprise Video to the Cloud

May 28, 2024 – March Networks is leading the transformation of enterprise video to the cloud with innovative technology that is scalable for businesses of all sizes. Transitioning to a cloud-based solution can help you better manage, store, and share video, improve operations, and drive profitability. 

Presenting March Networks’ new Cloud Suite Video Series: 

Cloud Management

Command Enterprise Cloud provides centralized management of your video. The software allows you to customize, automate, update, and manage access to video and data across your entire network quickly and efficiently.   


Cloud Monitoring

Ensure your system is up and running at all times. Our cloud monitoring solution, Insight, allows the March Networks team to proactively monitor, configure, update, and troubleshoot your organization’s video surveillance network. You’ll get total system visibility while saving time and freeing up resources.   

Cloud Analytics

March Networks’ Searchlight Cloud combines high-quality surveillance video with transaction data like POS systems, ATMs, and other IoT devices using AI analytics to provide valuable Business Intelligence across your organization. Customized dashboards and real-time alerts help to improve operational efficiencies, reduce theft, fraud, and liability, and enhance the customer experience.  

Cloud Storage

Giving you peace of mind through retention and redundancy, March Networks’ Cloud Storage Solutions ensures your most critical data is securely stored, no matter your bandwidth capacity or compliance requirements. You have total flexibility while protecting your most important video.   

Cloud Sharing

Securely share evidence from investigations with those who need it with Evidence Vault. It is an easy way to securely share video evidence outside your network without the hassle of portable media devices or the vulnerabilities of email and file-sharing.  


Enhance your security, improve efficiencies, reduce loss, and gain valuable Business Intelligence with March Networks’ Cloud Suite of intelligent video solutions. 

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