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Highly reliable DVRs from a global leader in video surveillance

Banks, retailers, transportation agencies, schools, and governments of all size trust March Networks’ powerful DVRs to enhance commercial security, safeguard  video data and help them manage their surveillance systems more efficiently.

March Networks is a global leader in IP video surveillance, with more than 15 years of experience delivering DVRs and surveillance systems to commercial organizations. We offer a variety of video recorders, including hybrid, tribrid and all-IP devices. Our purpose-built DVRs are designed for 24/7 use, and offer unparalleled reliability and investment protection.

March Networks 8700 Hybrid NVR family of recorders

Hybrid DVRs

Move from analog, to hybrid, to 100% IP video on the same platform with our 8000 Series Hybrid Recorders. Your video is always safe and secure thanks to these DVRs’ embedded Linux operating system and features like hard-drive mirroring and battery backup for added redundancy.

Choose from 4, 8, 16, 24 or 32-channel model DVRs, and rack (R Series), stack (S Series), or wall-mount options for easier installation and maintenance.

March Networks 8724 V Tribrid NVR

Tribrid recorder supporting HD analog, traditional analog and IP video

Our new 24-channel tribrid DVR uses HD analog and PoE modules to support a variety of IP, HD analog and traditional analog video configurations, up to a maximum of 24 channels. With its space-saving wall-mount design and built-in camera power, the 8724 V is a convenient, cost-effective network DVR video recording solution.

All-IP DVR recorders

Get a powerful all-IP recording solution with our 9000 Series IP Recorders. These purpose-built recorders deliver the power and performance you need to manage large, IP-only video surveillance systems. Available in 32, 48 and 64-channel models, the 9000 Series recorders are ideal for enterprise-level organizations that need additional video capacity and higher throughput.

a person inserts a March Networks network video recorder into a docking station

DVRs built for serviceability

All of our DVRs are robust, purpose-built devices designed to make service and support easier. Our unique docking stations let you replace a unit in just minutes, while field-serviceable batteries and fans ensure limited downtime. Use the DVRs with our free GURU Smartphone App for immediate, on-site access to technical support or get diagnostic information quickly from the LED lights on the recorder’s front panel.

Who is using March Networks’ DVRs & surveillance systems?

Organizations in more than 70 countries use March Networks security DVRs and surveillance systems, including some of the world’s largest banks, credit unions, retailers and transportation authorities. Our customers also include many educational institutions, healthcare facilities, municipalities, and other commercial and government organizations. Here is what just a few of our customers are saying about products:

“We saw a tremendous drop in shrinkage when we started using the March Networks system. [Its] video surveillance systems are easy to use and very robust. We’ve had very few recorders fail over the years and video quality is superb.”

Mark Seaford, Senior Investigator, Rack Room Shoes

Mark Seaford,
Senior Investigator

Rack Room Shoes

“I can’t tell you how many thefts I’ve caught with the help of our March Networks video system. I had a former employee just finish paying me back $13,000 they owed us in stolen goods, and we recently caught another employee who was stealing probably $50 worth of cigarettes each day. The March Networks system is constantly saving us money.”

Todd Burgess, Vice President, Quik-E Food Stores

Todd Burgess,
Vice President

Quik-E Food Stores

“We have exposure to three video surveillance systems and the March Networks solution is the leading performer of the three for usability, retention and quality.”

Ray Millar, Senior Manager of Protective Services, Westpac New Zealand

Ray Millar, Senior Manager of Protective Services

Westpac New Zealand

Two March Networks 32-channel NVRs

Simple tips to extend NVR/DVR storage capacity

If you’re struggling with demands for more video storage, or if you need to keep video for a specific period of time, read our blog for simple tips for extending NVR/DVR storage capacity.

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March Networks 8000 Series Hybrid NVR/DVR Recorders

Three advantages of a purpose-built DVR

Unlike PC-based recording solutions, purpose-built recorders are relatively easy to deploy and don’t require a lot of IT expertise to set up. They’re also a good option if you’re using legacy infrastructure, as hybrid and tribrid DVRs can support both analog and IP cameras, and even HD analog cameras, without having to rip and replace coax cabling.

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