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Identify what matters most

Download archived video from March Networks Command or 8000/9000 Series recorders and watch video in real time to see what’s happening live in your business environment.

Whether you’re looking for a specific person, object, or characteristic, trim hours of manual searching down to minutes, and hone in on the attributes that matter most to your case, including the exact time it occurred. Once you find footage you want to investigate further, you can share it with colleagues through the Command Enterprise case management functionality.

Footage of a parking lot that has time stamps over every car about when it entered the parking lot.

Address critical situations in real time

Create rule-based alerts that can show up right in your March Networks’ Searchlight application so you can quickly respond to what’s concerning you most. For example, get notified when a vehicle of a certain color and category enters your parking lot so you can respond in a timely manner.

Two computer screens side by side showing a hallway that is highlighted to demonstrate how rules are created.
Two computer screens side by side showing a hallway that is highlighted to demonstrate how rules are created.
Computer screen showing dashboard with heat map and graphs.

Gain operational insights

Analyze what’s happening inside your business with a dashboard that provides interactive insights based on the video footage pulled in from March Networks’ systems. Relevant data points are prioritized and customizable to suit your business vertical.

a computer monitor displays the Command Enterprise video management software user interface

Get the best of both worlds

When you add this comprehensive search functionality to your existing March Networks system, you can enjoy both highly reliable video recording and management with enhanced search capabilities.

March Networks Products & Versions Supported

  • March Networks Command Enterprise Software 2.0+

BriefCam Products Supported

  • BriefCam integrated with Review, Respond and Research modules

Who supplies this product?

  • BriefCam products supplied by BriefCam

Note: BriefCam products and licensing supplied by BriefCam; additional licensing required from March Networks

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