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  • Keep a record of all product returns in March Networks Searchlight for Retail
  • Easily locate surveillance video of specific product returns (search by transaction date, time, product code or serial number)
  • Track other retail events, such as coupon use at the point-of-sale, from systems that are connected to Zebra Data Services
  • Enhance overall visibility with real-time collection of data from Zebra Technologies’ sensors and devices and match that data to corresponding video
A computer monitor displays the Searchlight user interface with Doddle transaction data.

Correlate video with e-commerce product return data from Doddle and quickly search for video of specific returns with this unique integration, powered by Zebra Technologies’ cloud-based Data Services platform.

Through this collaboration, March Networks Searchlight logs events from Zebra Data Services and other systems within the retail environment, like Doddle, that are powered by the platform. Searchlight can then match those events with corresponding video clips for greater enterprise-wide visibility.

Retailers can easily pull up video of product returns from Doddle kiosks, or other in-store returns, to verify details of the transaction including the person making the return and the condition of the product at the time of the return.

Retailers can also evaluate the effectiveness of third-party marketing programs, like coupons provided by Doddle and used at the point-of-sale (POS). Because Searchlight integrates POS data, it captures coupon information and shares it with Zebra Data Services, allowing retailers to track the success of fulfilment partner campaigns in Searchlight.

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