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  • Single-server solution supporting up to 128 video channels
  • Customizable user interface
  • Advanced search and investigation tools
  • Remote access to live video with Command Mobile

Powerful VMS customized for your business

Ideal for medium-sized businesses, Command Professional is a high-performance VMS solution that takes the work out of managing your video surveillance system. Easy to use and setup, Command gives you complete control with a customizable user interface  that lets you decide what specific groups in your organization should see, and assign user rights based on those requirements. This flexibility dramatically reduces your employees’ learning curve and makes training more effective.

Several video images are shown in thumbnail view with one larger image overtop showing a man pushing a cart near an elevator.

Spend less time searching

Enjoy lightning-fast investigations with tools that let you search on motion and rapidly narrow down months of video recording to the exact timeframe you need.  Command’s motion histograms, visual finder bar and thumbnails help you quickly search, sort, locate and export specific video evidence.

a Dell server with March Networks pre-installed Command software supporting 128 video channels

The flexibility you’re looking for

Buy Command Professional software and install it yourself, or choose our pre-installed Command Recording Servers for a convenient plug-and-play option.

a man looks at his video surveillance system on a computer

Case Study

“If I have to review an incident, I simply choose a camera, key in the date and time and press play. If I need to save a clip, I can download it to a Zip drive. It’s a very easy-to-use system.”

Brad Kinnaird, General Manager, Capital Sports Management



March Networks Keyboard V3
March Networks Keyboard V3
March Networks Command Extension board
Command I/O Extension Board
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