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  • Low-latency video with high-quality images, including HD resolution
  • Virtual matrix or standalone operational control
  • Control from Command SiteManager maps and floor plans
  • Simultaneously decodes and displays up to 64 video streams per monitor
  • Compatible with March Networks Command video management software

Cost-effective and easy to use

a woman with a headset on sits at a desk with 3 computer monitors displaying video surveillance footage. A video wall with more surveillance video on the screen is seen above her.Enhance video surveillance monitoring and management with the DecodeStation VX, our software-based virtual matrix for your command and control centers, video walls or desktop applications.  The software handles standard video codecs, including H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG simultaneously on a single virtual matrix view. It works with our Command SiteManager software, which provides the video display control and distribution of video, maps, views, and other resources.

Other benefits

  • 10 minute setup/installation
  • Manually push video in 2 clicks
  • Use with off-the-shelf PC hardware and video displays

Support hundreds of video streams

The DecodeStation VX scales to support the decoding and display of potentially hundreds of video streams at resolutions from CIF up to full, high-definition 1080p. Deploy the software throughout your network infrastructure to push video streams to any video wall or remote monitoring display for advanced video management. You can also control remote configurations on the DecodeStation VX through central administration, which makes it easier and faster to manage multiple remote operators and video wall environments.

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