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two iPads displays video surveillance images


  • Remote access to live and recorded surveillance video via your mobile device
  • Cloud-based – no software downloads or updates required
  • Manual PTZ control and Preset selection
  • Unlimited user access with no impact on recorder performance
  • Works with March Networks 8000 Series NVRs or Command-based recording server, as well as our previous generation recorders
  • Compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia devices

Conveniently monitor your business from any location

Save time and money by monitoring your business remotely with our Cloud solution. Enjoy secure, remote access to live and recorded surveillance video with your own smartphone or tablet device. March Networks Cloud is easy to setup and use, and is open to an unlimited number of users in your organization.

Looking for our new mobile app? Learn more about Command Mobile!

Scalable and hassle-free

Our cloud solution is scalable and requires no transcoding hardware installation, router port forwarding, firewall changes or software downloading. Instead, hardware and software maintenance is hosted, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. Setting up your account is easy with just three simple steps:

  1. Place your order with your March Networks CSP. They will activate your account for you and indicate the number of users who will need access.
  2. Watch for an email confirming your account activation from the March Networks Cloud.
  3. Follow instructions in the email to setup specific user permissions and you’re done! You can now enjoy secure access to your live surveillance video from your mobile device.

March Networks Cloud video tutorials

Screenshot of the March Networks Cloud client

March Networks Cloud Client Tutorial

Screenshot of the March Networks Cloud: CRS Registration

Adding a Command Recording Server to the Cloud

Screenshot of the March Networks Cloud client

Adding a March Networks Hybrid NVR to the Cloud

Screenshot of the March Networks Cloud client

Registering an Edge Device or 6700 Series NVR to the Cloud

Still have questions? Read our helpful Cloud FAQs.

Get the facts about cloud-based video surveillance

Are you considering a cloud-based video surveillance solution for your business? Get the facts in our free whitepaper. Read informative user case studies and identify the five key areas you must consider before moving your video surveillance to the cloud.

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