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Video Quality and Ease-of-Use Make the Difference

Norwegian building supply retailer Carlsen Fritzoe AS uses March Networks video surveillance for loss prevention.

Retailer deploys enterprise-wide video for loss prevention

When homeowners in Norway decide it’s time to renovate, remodel and update their living space, they turn to one of the country’s leading building supply retailers, Carlsen Fritzoe AS, which operates 15 building supply superstores from the southern tip of the country north to Oslo.

Similarly, when Norwegian enterprises — be they retailers, financial institutions or companies in the country’s booming offshore oil industry — need a reliable, high-performance video surveillance solution, they know they can rely on Focus Security AS, a March Networks certified provider and one of Norway’s premier security system integrators.

Carlsen Fritzroe turned to Focus Security for a March Networks video surveillance solution in 2013 following several disappointing experiences with other systems.

“We’re very happy with the March Networks solution. The image quality is excellent, support is just a phone call away and the browser-based interface is very user-friendly.”

a man stands at a cash register inside a Carlsen Fritzoe location

“In fact, they had three different video surveillance systems,” said Focus Security president Bjarte Hatlenes. “They had an old analog system that provided grainy images which weren’t of much use, and an IP-based system from a well-known manufacturer that wasn’t able to provide the technical support they required.”

Focus Security recommended March Networks’ Command Professional video management software, a single server-based solution able to support as many as 128 surveillance cameras. The software runs on a Cisco router and records video from March Networks MegaPX WDR NanoDome and Infinova V6202 cameras.

The MegaPX WDR NanoDome is a five megapixel fixed indoor/outdoor IP camera that combines high-definition video resolution with powerful Wide Dynamic Range for excellent image quality in all lighting conditions. The camera’s ability to stream in parallel to an internal microSDHC card or NAS device ensures redundant recording in the event of a network outage or server failure, while its built-in Shadow Archiving feature — unique to March Networks — provides seamless access to redundant video by forming a “shadow” on the central recording server of all the data available on the camera and NAS devices.

Covering high-risk locations

Focus Security installed the cameras to capture video from both interior and exterior locations identified as high-risk areas for theft and fraud.

“We’re very happy with the March Networks solution,” said Erik Lorang Ilestad of Carlsen Fritzoe. “The image quality is excellent, support is just a phone call away and the browser-based interface is very user-friendly.”

March Networks Command software acquired by Carlsen Fritzoe is one of the only VMS solutions that supports complete surveillance system configuration and administration — in addition to live and archived video access — via its browser-based client interface.

Both Carlsen Fritzoe and Focus Security are based in Sandefjord, a city of 45,000 people located 122 kilometers south of Oslo, Norway’s capital.

Focus Security was established in 2000 and has been a March Networks certified provider since 2001.

“We have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality security products and solutions, including CCTV, access control, alarm and perimeter protection,” said Hatlenes. “Our focus on innovative technology, superior products and exceptional service has proven to be a winning formula and is responsible our growing base of satisfied customers.”

Carlsen Fritzoe was established in December 2006 through a merger of Treschow-Fritzoe AS, which was founded in 1835, and H. Carlsen, founded in 1903. The company has more than 400 employees, sales of 175 million Euros and is still managed by descendants of the Treschow-Fritzoe and Carlsen families.

“Having a high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use video security system is a must for any retailer,” said Erik Lorang Ilestad.

“The March Networks system meets all of our needs today and provides us with the opportunity to take advantage of even more powerful theft and fraud prevention technologies in the future.”

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