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Behind the Lens – February 2024

Monthly Newsletter February

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Welcome back to another edition of “Behind the Lens”! We hope you found last month’s newsletter insightful and got you excited about the future of video surveillance and Business Intelligence. In this edition, we share some recent achievements, upcoming events, and solutions that help enhance your security, and boost profits through operational efficiencies and loss prevention. Keep reading and explore the future of surveillance and Business Intelligence.

This edition includes:

Company Updates

Let’s dive into what’s been happening at March Networks this month.

Introducing our new corporate video

March Networks: Leading the Future of Intelligent Video Solutions.

In our newly launched corporate video, our President and CEO, Peter Strom, delves into our mission, objectives, and the transformative impact intelligent video has in our ever-evolving industry landscape. Discover how we have become a global leader in business intelligence, harnessing advanced technologies such as video, data and AI analytics. March Networks is at the forefront, offering solutions that are tailored to your industry and your unique business needs.

March Networks at the WPMA Expo in Las Vegas

We had an amazing time connecting with industry leaders and showcasing our latest products & solutions at the Western Petroleum Marketers Association Expo in Las Vegas this month. Here’s one of our Sales Engineers, Patrick Hart, showing how we integrate video with POS systems and other third party devices.

Industry Insights

Explore how AI analytics are influencing trends in the transit industry, and see how intelligent video and automated, real-time alerts can help you reduce fines from blocked exits.

Customizable Transit Security Solutions

Transit security is rapidly evolving, driven by post-pandemic societal changes, AI advancements, and shifting consumer expectations. Video and AI analytics are at the forefront, improving surveillance, predictive analysis, and incident response. The trend is towards integrated solutions for seamless monitoring and response.

March Networks leads this shift with fleet management solutions and customizable fixed, mobile and wayside transit surveillance and analytics, designed to meet specific needs for unmatched safety, efficiency, and passenger satisfaction.

Did you know that you can build your own transit solution on our website?

Learn more about March Networks’ mobile video surveillance offerings and customize a solution to meet your unique transportation needs.

Start building

Eliminate Fines for Blocked Exits; Improve Fire Safety and Compliance

Blocked exits are one of the most common fire safety violations that commercial and retail businesses face. Doors must be kept clear at all times to allow easy exits in the event of a fire or other emergency. Blocked exits can result in serious fines that can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

March Networks solves this problem with automated video monitoring of exits, configured to trigger real-time alerts when exits are blocked. See how to avoid costly fines in the video below.

Tech Talk

Join March Networks’ Account Manager, Jeff Hanna, in our new series, “March Networks Academy” to learn how to maximize the impact of your video surveillance system to solve other operational and security issues using intelligent solutions to real-world problems.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Rachelle Verge, March Networks’ lead for third party integrations and strategic partnerships, based at our HQ in Ottawa, Canada. Unlike some other security providers, March Networks can integrate to any third-party device that produces data, like POS systems, ATMs, access controls, alarm panels, RFID data and more.

Every day, Rachelle and her team go above and beyond for our customers, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose products that work best for your business. This is why Rachelle was awarded the 2023 March Networks Corporate All-Star award

Here she is with her award for “hitting it out of the park” this year – with Net Payne, our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and Jeff Corral, our Chief Product Officer.

Customer Corner

“We’re very happy with the reliability of our March Networks technology and excited about how it can continue to contribute to our success, not only as a loss prevention tool, but as a means of ensuring the quality food service our customers have come to expect from us.”

– Chris McDonald, Compass Group North America

“I don’t know what we’d do without it. The March Networks system has been great, and I can’t say enough about the service. If there are ever any issues, they’re just a phone call away.”

– Phil Bourada, Owner of three New York Fries locations

“One of the things I like best about March Networks’ video surveillance systems is that they’re Linux-based. Linux is a very trusted operating system that doesn’t fail.”

– Tyson Smith IT Director, Hideaway Pizza

Upcoming Events

Brainstorm Educational Technology Conference
Mar 10-12, 2024 | Wisconsin Dells, WI
Booth #623

Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (RLPSA)
Mar 24-27, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV
Booth #121

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