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Behind the Lens – January 2024

Monthly Newsletter January

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Welcome to ‘Behind the Lens’, our monthly e-newsletter on the evolving landscape of intelligent video. As leaders in this field, we aim to deliver not just updates, but insights and foresight into the realms of surveillance, security, and business intelligence. ‘Behind the Lens’ signifies going beyond surveillance, turning camera data into actionable business insights and enhanced efficiency across various sectors. Join us in leading the future of intelligent video solutions, as we explore more and more innovative technology, ‘Behind the Lens’.

This edition includes:

Company Updates

March Networks Launches Essential Line Network Video Recorders

On January 16th we announced the launch of our new Essential Line (EL) Network Video Recorders (NVRs), a landmark in cost-effective, yet advanced video surveillance. This product is set to redefine how businesses approach their security and operational efficiency.

The EL-Series is designed for multi-site businesses seeking a full-featured video system at an attractive price point. The EL-Series uniquely balances affordability with advanced features, effectively overcoming the challenge of high-cost surveillance systems while maintaining robust central management and analytics capabilities.

Learn more


March Networks at Intersec Dubai 2024

We had great success at Intersec Dubai this year from January 16-18. Attendees were excited about the new EL-Series launch and what it means for cost-conscious businesses.

Intersec Highlights

Industry Insights

One way March Networks sets itself apart is through providing tailored solutions for our customers in various industries.

Enhancing Car Wash Security and Efficiency: The March Networks Approach

See why car wash businesses partner with March Networks to improve security, efficiency, and compliance.

Navigating the Complexities of a Security Systems Retrofit

More and more businesses around the world are transitioning from analog to digital security systems and upgrading older systems to access analytics capabilities. Read how March Networks offers solutions to retrofitting issues like down time, bandwidth challenges and more.

Elevate your retail security strategy with advanced video surveillance solutions

Take advantage of the financial and time-saving benefits of standardizing on one enterprise video system. March Networks delves into groundbreaking ways video is shaping the retail landscape. Download our White Paper for more retail surveillance solutions.

How Intelligent Video is Transforming Banking and Financial Institutions

This White Paper, developed in partnership with, sheds light on innovative ways video is shaping the landscape for banks and financial institutions. Discover how financial institutions are leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including video systems, to elevate customer service and protect against fraud and theft.

Choosing the Right Video Surveillance Solutions for Your Multi-State Cannabis Operation

Download our eBook to learn how to find the right video surveillance solution to best fit your expanding cannabis operation’s needs and take advantage of the financial and timesaving benefits of standardizing on one enterprise video system.

Tech Talk

Net Payne, March Networks’ Chief Sales and Marketing Officer shares insights at Intersec Dubai 2024 on industry trends like AI analytics and cost-effective solutions as well as benefits and use cases for the new EL-Series recorders, and March Networks Cloud Suite of products and services.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more interviews from Intersec Dubai

Customer Corner

“We aim to provide our young security teams with more effective, smart and functional skills by renewing our Award-winning Video surveillance system in tens of thousands of locations in Türkiye. I am sure that the project partnership we have established with March Networks will produce the first and only example of all of them.”

– Mr. M.Feridun Aktaş, Chief Security Officer of Garanti BBVA

“March Networks has served us well. Without a high-quality, reliable video surveillance system, we would have a much more difficult time fulfilling our commitment to patient safety and service excellence.”

– Erick Martinez, Security Systems Manager, Leon Medical Centers

“…with Searchlight…I can easily scroll through the report and view video of the transaction in progress. I can also sync up nearby cameras to see everything that’s going on in the restaurant at that

– Julie Bieszczat, Owner of 12 Wendy’s restaurants

Employee Spotlight

Meet Trevor Sinden, Director of Middle East Sales at March Networks.

Based in our Dubai office, Trevor led the effort to secure an important new partnership with Garanti BBVA in Turkey. His dedication and strategic expertise make him an invaluable member of the March Networks team.

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