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Navigating the Complexities of a Security Systems Retrofit

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Recently, I presented as part of a Security Info Watch webinar, “Planning a Major Security Systems Retrofit.”

Retrofitting, updating, and/or replacing outdated security and video surveillance systems – including switching from analog to digital – can be a challenging task for many organizations. Budget constraints, compatibility issues, and potential operational disruptions are some of the unique challenges that come with these types of projects. It requires more than new technology. It demands a strategic, thoughtful approach to ensure that you can solve the biggest issues that can arise during a retrofit, such as having to run two different Video Management Systems (VMS) at the same time.

In this context, “retrofitting” represents projects to update parts of an existing system, enhance the system with improved features or technology, or migrate to a new system from an old one.

Understanding Retrofit Challenges

Retrofitting is not merely about upgrading technology. It involves ensuring seamless compatibility, maintaining operational continuity, and achieving cost-effectiveness. This complex task requires a comprehensive understanding of both the existing and new systems. At March Networks, we are well-equipped to navigate these challenges, and our people are focused on helping you succeed.

Innovative Strategies for a Seamless Transition

Our strategy focuses on helping you achieve a smooth transition from analog to digital or from your old system to a new one, emphasizing minimal operational disruptions and cost-effective solutions. We leverage innovative technologies, such as our Command Recording Software (CRS) platform and Command Enterprise Software (CES), to ensure effortless integration and centralized system management.

Our Command Recording Software (CRS) can support up to 3,000 cameras and acts as a central server that organizations can connect their cameras to through the corporate network. Companies simply unplug their cameras from their existing network video recorders (NVRs), plug them into the network, and connect them to the CRS server. Then they simply replace the old NVRs with their new NVRs and then plug the cameras back into the new NVRs. This means that there is no need to run two different Video Management Systems (VMS) at the same time, which is one of the biggest pain points of a major retrofit project. Once the new NVRs are all in place, the CRS can act as a redundant backup that can be utilized if there are any issues with the new NVRs. This streamlined process solves the biggest issues associated with having to run separate VMS systems concurrently, eliminating the need for additional training, avoiding user confusion, and highlighting how our solutions simplify complex retrofit challenges.

Real-World Application: A Case Study

March Networks recently collaborated with a large financial institution to replace 80 NVRs across 44 branches, seamlessly integrating over 5,000 cameras without the need to operate two separate Video Management Systems (VMS) simultaneously. One of our competitors proposed a 3-year phased approach that would have required them to run two separate VMS systems for the entire 3 years. Our customer chose the March Networks solution enabling them to migrate in a fraction of the time without the additional training and user confusion that often arises during a migration.

The Future of Security Retrofits

In the future, security system upgrades will focus on minimizing disruptions, ensuring scalability, and enhancing operational efficiency. At March Networks, we aim to partner with organizations to navigate these evolving challenges, offering more than just products – we offer comprehensive solutions.

Why March Networks is the Ideal Choice for Your Security System Retrofit

  1. Technology Integration: Our products are expertly designed for seamless integration with both legacy and modern systems, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting ongoing operations.
  2. Customized and Scalable Solutions: Our team collaborates closely with clients, tailoring solutions that align with specific requirements and budgetary considerations.
  3. Expertise and Support: Our extensive industry experience equips us to offer not just advanced technology but also expert guidance and continuous support throughout the retrofit process.
  4. Commitment to Partnership: March Networks provides not just innovative technology but also the strategic partnership necessary for a successful security system upgrade or migration.

Retrofitting your security system can be straightforward with March Networks as your partner. We understand the complexities involved and offer scalable and efficient solutions. Our innovative approach and commitment to customer collaboration make us the ideal choice for navigating the challenges of security system upgrading.

Here is my presentation from the Webinar. Want to know more about how March Networks solutions can help you? Contact us.

Author: Steven Collinson, Head of Sales, March Networks

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