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Beyond Security: Empowering Operations with Intelligence

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Last week I had the opportunity to present as a sponsor during a webinar hosted by Security Info Watch. My presentation was titled: “Beyond Security: Empowering Operations with Intelligence.” I guided the audience through a journey that emphasizes the transformative power of intelligent video and AI analytics in today’s business operations.

You can read a little more about me at the end of this blog.

The Evolution of Operational Efficiency: From Surveillance to Intelligence

At March Networks, we recognize the evolving landscape of operational efficiency. Our roots at March Networks trace back to 2000, with a vision that goes beyond conventional security. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, we’ve grown into a global force, dedicated to building cloud-based, intelligent video solutions.

Our mission is clear: to enhance security, increase operational efficiency and boost profitability through cutting-edge, real-time business intelligence.

What once was the realm of traditional security measures has transformed. Today, we employ intelligent video and AI analytics to turn video surveillance systems into comprehensive tools for business intelligence. This transition not only enhances security but also drives operational efficiencies, benefiting departments across an organization – from operations and marketing to HR and IT.

Harnessing AI for Business Intelligence

I presented on the shift from basic security measures to a robust platform for business intelligence. By integrating intelligent video with AI analytics, we extend the value of video surveillance systems across the enterprise, benefiting a wide array of departments.

Our state-of-the-art AI analytics features represent a leap forward in operational technology. These tools aren’t just about improving security; they’re about optimizing business operations. Peter Strom, our President and CEO, encapsulates this vision, emphasizing that the future belongs to those who leverage technology to solve real-world business problems for various stakeholders within an organization.

Innovative AI Analytics

Our state-of-the-art AI analytics features, including face detection and crowd detection, are pivotal in transforming operational dynamics. These innovations foster smarter, more efficient business operations, supporting the notion that the future belongs to those who offer solutions that tackle real-world business challenges. Here are some examples of using analytics to improve your business.

  • Face Detection: Enhancing customer service by identifying VIP customers for personalized service.
  • Crowd Detection: Optimizing staff allocation during peak hours to improve customer experience.
  • Object Removal and Loitering Detection: Increasing safety and reducing shrinkage by detecting unauthorized movements and potential theft.

Case Study: Transforming a QSR:

I presented a tangible example of our technology’s impact, as seen in our work with one particular QSR (quick service restaurant). Through a comprehensive audit, we identified critical bottlenecks and inefficiencies, leading to a remarkable improvement in service speed, staff productivity, and customer throughput. Such enhancements not only optimize operational efficiency but also contribute significantly to profitability.

What we found:

  • Operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies impacting service speed.
  • Layout issues leading to operational delays, such as an obstructing sneeze guard hindering verbal ordering.
  • Product quality compromised for speed, affecting customer satisfaction.
  • Frequent replenishment needed due to small food containers, reducing operational efficiency.
  • Consistent running out of daily specials, negatively impacting sales and customer experience.
  • Incorrect ingredient layout and small scoops necessitating repeated actions, slowing down service.
  • Cashier counter obstructions causing bagging space and tray issues, leading to slower customer throughput.
  • Lack of efficient setup for carry out and bagging, adding to service time.
  • Cheese melter cook time averaging 21 seconds longer than necessary, indicating inefficiency in kitchen operations.
  • Cashier confusion over orders, contributing to delays and errors.

  • Improved speed of service by 11.6% during lunch and 19.5% at dinner times, significantly reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Increased staff productivity by 19.1%, allowing for a more efficient allocation of resources and better service quality.
  • Reduction in keystrokes in 57.8% of transactions, streamlining operations and reducing the chance of error.
  • An increase in the number of customers by an additional 50 per day, equating to an increase of approximately $850/day in revenue
  • Addressing cheese melter inefficiency unlocked potential savings of around $3000/day, showcasing the financial impact of operational optimizations.

This case study shows that even a few seconds of delay can have a huge impact on the bottom line of a business – especially when you multiply those few seconds per customer, per day, per location and add it all up.

The Future Is Intelligent

The webinar highlighted an important message: the future of operations is inherently tied to the strategic use of intelligent video and AI analytics. These tools offer more than just security; they are the keystones of operational efficiency, compliance, and profitability.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Real-time alerts and automated audits streamline operations, ensuring businesses operate at peak efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Business Intelligence: Leveraging video surveillance for business intelligence delivers multifaceted benefits across the enterprise, from marketing to HR and beyond.
  • Safeguarding and Compliance: Advanced analytics not only enhance operational practices but also protect against liabilities, ensuring a safer, more compliant business environment.

Our journey from traditional security to a holistic, intelligence-driven operational model showcases the untapped potential of businesses to achieve greater efficiency and profitability. At March Networks, we’re committed to this vision, providing solutions that not only safeguard assets but also empower businesses to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Thank you to all who joined the webinar and to those seeking to delve deeper into how intelligent video and AI analytics can redefine the scope of your operations. For further insights and to explore how March Networks can empower your business, please contact me or one of my colleagues.

Together, let’s embrace the future of operations, powered by intelligence.

About Mike Gruber

Mike Gruber, Sales Leader, is responsible for March Networks’ North American portfolio of restaurant customers. Mike has been a key member of our sales team for more than 11 years, with significant expertise and relationships with retail, C-Store, and restaurant customers. Mike and his team are focusing on continued partnerships with restaurant businesses of all sizes who want to leverage their investment in video surveillance, data analytics and business intelligence to reduce loss, increase operational efficiencies, and automate threat detection.
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