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Why Certify? It’s Good for Everyone’s Business

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I’m in the business of training, so of course I believe in technical certification. And my 12+ years in the industry have me convinced more than ever that certification is essential for everyone: the systems integrators who sell and service the equipment, and the organizations that will be relying on the video surveillance solution for years to come.


There’s no doubt that technical training requires a time commitment from systems integrators, but it’s worth the effort, and clearly our own partners feel the same way. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I upload new material to the Learning Management System on a Friday night and see multiple people still logged in and taking courses. For me, it reinforces the fact that a systems integrator who makes the investment in training their technicians already understands the critical benefits to their business.

But what about the organizations preparing to deploy a new IP video surveillance solution? I’d argue that working with a fully trained systems integrator is just as important as the solution you select. Plus it will save you time, costs – and headaches – down the line.

Here’s why:

  • Invested in Knowledge – A systems integrator or dealer who insists on certification will know the industry and understand physical security better because they have specifically chosen to invest in this knowledge through certification. The net result is that these technicians will be much better positioned to advise you. For example, a trained technician will know immediately where to position a camera for optimal video capture, and will understand video networking and bandwidth requirements. As an organization, you will benefit from that expertise well before anything is ever installed.
  • Faster Problem-Solving – A second benefit is even more tangible: a trained technician will spend less time at your location identifying and resolving possible system issues. This should translate into lower service costs for you. Several factors make this possible:
    • Training gives a technician greater familiarity and ease with the systems and products they are supporting.
    • They will have the latest tools and software to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve the issues they must address.
    • The knowledge gained through their certified training will also enable them to use those tools efficiently. So they can resolve issues faster and more efficiently than a technician who must work through an issue on the phone with the manufacturer.

By partnering with a trained systems integrator, there are certain things you can be confident about. Essentially, you are choosing a provider that:

  • can offer better quality of service through its certified technicians;
  • understands the importance of staying current in an industry of ever-changing software and technology; and
  • is focused on customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Build Trust

For the reasons I’ve just touched on, most organizations will only entrust their video surveillance system to a certified provider. In fact, the majority will demand proof of certification in the Request for Proposal (RFP) phase and at time of servicing.

At March Networks, we have a global list of certified partners, with fully trained technicians on staff, who can bid on RFPs and confidently provide the proof of certification those RFPs require. They are also the partners to whom we forward most sales leads and provide priority technical support. (Learn more about our training services for March Networks partners).

Surveillance video is a critical component of most organizations’ security, loss prevention, liability protection and corporate compliance programs. If an event occurs and you can’t access the video you need because of an unreliable system, the impact can be serious – and costly. In the end, you need a trusted partner with technicians who are well-equipped to ensure your system is running optimally and that video will be there when it’s needed. And that’s why certification is good for all parties.

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