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March Networks is committed to delivering secure, highly reliable IP video surveillance products that comply with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Section 889 of the act contains prohibitions on certain video surveillance services and equipment from specific vendors.

March Networks uses chipsets made by U.S. companies in the majority of our cameras, making them ideal for U.S installations that are subject to the NDAA. Our Command Recording Server bundles and X-Series Hybrid NVRs are also NDAA compliant. Both are powered by American system-on-chip (SOC) technology and together with our IP cameras can provide secure, highly reliable, end-to-end video surveillance systems where NDAA compliance is required.

The complete list of NDAA-compliant security products from March Networks includes:

  • X-Series Hybrid Recorders
  • X-Series All IP (IPX) Recorders
  • EL-Series All IP Recorders
  • RideSafe XT Series IP NVRs
  • Command Recording Software
  • Command Recording Server Bundles
  • FLIR Brickstream 3D Analytics Sensor
  • Managed Switches from Lantronix
  • Command I/O Extension Board
  • March Networks Keyboard V3
  • Oncam C-Series 360 Cameras
  • ME8 Series IP Cameras
  • ME6 Series IP Cameras
  • ME3 Series IP Cameras
  • CA2 IR Cameras
  • SE2 Fleet Wedge Camera
  • SE2 Fleet Dash Camera
  • SE2 ATM Camera
  • VA2 Series IP Cameras
  • VA4 Series IP Cameras
  • EL2 Series IP Cameras
  • VA5 IR 360 Camera
  • AI Series Cameras

March Networks takes the security of its products and all components seriously and is committed to complying with all government regulations regarding the sale and use of video surveillance equipment and services.

For questions about this NDAA-compliant product list or the origins of components used in March Networks products, please contact us.

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