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Reliable NVRs a key feature for Atlantic Federal Credit Union

Maine financial institution standardizes on March Networks video surveillance

When Maine-based Atlantic Federal Credit Union (FCU) and York County Federal Credit Union merged in February 2019, senior management had to decide what they were going to do about video surveillance. Atlantic FCU, based in Brunswick, had a server-based system, while York County Federal Credit Union, based in Sanford, had a March Networks video surveillance system using hybrid network video recorders (NVRs).

“My end goal was picking one system for the merged entity because it makes it so much easier when you’re talking to branch personnel and helping them with any questions they have. You don’t have to worry about which system they’re using,” said Beth Cornish, Director of Security and Loss Prevention at Atlantic FCU.

When Cornish and Dan Webb, Director of Information Systems, compared the two systems, the convenience and ease-of-use of the March Networks solution at York County decided the issue.

“What stood out for us was that March Networks uses NVRs as opposed to having a server at each location,” said Cornish. “That’s huge because NVRs have a longer life, and require a lot less maintenance.”

Webb, the lone IT resource at York County prior to the merger, was especially wary about a server-based system, noting the security-related concerns and extra work associated with having a Windows-based PC server at each location.

“The best IT is something that’s invisible. It just works, and that’s my experience with March Networks.”

Clients standing in front of a desk speaking with tellers with visible March Networks cameras mounted to the ceiling at an Atlantic Federal Credit Union location

Easy-to-use video management

The newly merged Atlantic FCU’s March Networks system now consists of both 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs and 9000 Series IP Recorders. The latter provides powerful all-IP recording with high-bandwidth performance, while the 8000 Series support both IP and analog camera channels. Both recorders have customized Linux-based Operating Systems, which can help safeguard against vulnerabilities by removing unnecessary services and applications.

The recorders are managed by March Networks Command Enterprise Software, advanced system management software that provides centralized management and health monitoring of all devices on the network, including the credit union’s approximately 200 cameras.  Cameras include March Networks’ SE2 Series and legacy IP cameras, as well as Oncam’s 360° Cameras covering entrances and exits, teller lines, vaults, ATMs, drive thrus, and parking lots.

Cornish gives March Networks’ Command Client rave reviews for ease of use.

“If you have to do a timeline search, it’s very easy,” she said. “You bring up the calendar, enter the day, the time and hit play. It’s easy for our branch staff who don’t use it as frequently as I do. We give them a basic set of instructions and that’s all they need.”

“I like to joke that it’s a little like rotisserie chicken,” added Webb. “You set it and forget it. The best IT is something that’s invisible. It just works, and that’s my experience with March Networks.”

Command’s integration with Microsoft Active Directory is another feature of the March Networks system that Webb finds beneficial, especially with 9 branch locations and multiple people using the system.

“It just makes it so much simpler,” he notes. “We give everyone a role and they just log in. They don’t have to remember any other credentials than the ones they use every day.”

“If you have to do a timeline search, it’s very easy. You bring up the calendar, enter the day, the time and hit play.”

Exterior view of the Atlantic Federal Credit Union location in Cumberland, Maine

Improved risk mitigation

Atlantic FCU uses its March Networks system to manage the usual risks faced by financial institutions, including robberies, internal issues with staffing, ATM fraud, member complaints, and liability claims relating to trip and falls.

In one case, the video surveillance system at one branch captured evidence that resolved a robbery at a neighboring business when the perpetrator parked in the credit union’s parking lot and drove away in full view of its cameras.

Cornish is able to access live and archived video when out of the office. On one occasion, while attending a conference in Michigan, she was able to use her laptop to find a video clip and send it to her colleagues who needed it to resolve a situation.

On another occasion, after receiving an alert from a high temperature sensor in the credit union’s server room, she used the March Networks’ Command Mobile app on her phone “to make sure there was no smoke or anything that would indicate we had a fire.”

Webb is happy with the support he receives from Portland Safe, a March Networks Certified Solution Provider serving community banks, credit unions, and other businesses in Maine and New Hampshire.

“Portland Safe is our first point of contact,” said Webb. “We’ll discuss what the issue is and decide if it’s something they can help us with or if we have to contact March Networks. I always get a response from March Networks in a timely fashion, which is always helpful in IT and not always the case with all of the different vendors we have to deal with. March Networks is one vendor that supports us really well.”

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