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March Networks Transit Solution

Fully integrated mobile and wayside solution

Enjoy comprehensive oversight of your entire transportation network – including fleets, stations, depots and park-and-rides – with our enterprise-class video solution. Maintain the highest security for passengers and staff, deter crime and vandalism, and respond quickly to emergencies with crystal-clear video of your entire operation, and do it all with one easy-to-use video management software.

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A graph illustrates two bars, one showing 90 percent and one showing 10 percent

Resolve liability claims faster

Get outstanding return on your investment with a solution that’s proven to dramatically reduce false liability claim payouts in major U.S. transportation agencies. Our robust mobile surveillance cameras and rugged recording platforms deliver the high-quality video you need for rock-solid case evidence. Choose from a wide range of IP cameras, or keep your existing analog cameras and migrate to IP at your own pace with our hybrid recorders.

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A section of the Command VMS software user interface displays a surveillance image from inside a bus with an image from outside the bus, and a map showing the GPS location of the bus.]

Get the complete picture

Integrate video with vehicle data like GPS location, speed, and operator-initiated “tagged” events for a more comprehensive view of onboard activity. With our Command for Transit VMS software, you can extract, archive and synchronize information together for playback during post-incident investigations.

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Access live video remotely

Access live, in-vehicle video and audio via wireless handheld or laptop computers, in conjunction with real-time mapping. All data can be archived for post-incident investigation and evidence preparation.

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Two surveillance images showing a roadway with a truck with an open bay parked on the right side of the street. One image is bright and sharp, allowing you to see inside the back of the truck. The other image is dark with less detail.

Better image quality

Capture sharp, detailed images – even with bright glare from windshields or dark shadows from tunnels – with our advanced mobile cameras. Choose from wedge, forward facing, side and dome cameras with a variety of lens configurations for the perfect viewing angle.

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March Networks Privacy Masking Feature

Flexible privacy masking

View and record activity in and around your fleet while easily masking license plates and other information that may be privacy protected in your country, state, province or county. Our privacy mask feature remains intact in both live and recorded video and can be configured and adjusted as needed.

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March Networks RideSafe GT Series Hybrid Transit NVR

Worry-free coverage

All of our mobile cameras and recorders are purpose-built for tough transit conditions. Your video and data are protected by the highest standards of design, with features that safeguard against dust and moisture, fluctuating temperatures and extreme shock and vibration.

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a campus shuttle bus drives near a university

Solutions for student and patient transfer services

Campus shuttle and patient transfer services can protect passengers and manage their fleets more efficiently with our RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders.  These compact, rugged all-IP platforms are designed specifically for mid-sized vehicles. Like all March Networks mobile recorders, the MT Series support vehicle metadata integration (with CAD and AVL systems) and automated video and data extraction over WiFi or a 4G network.

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Using the GURU Smartphone App in a Transit Environment

Convenient mobile case management

Save time and increase efficiency by managing your mobile assets with your smartphone or tablet. Conveniently package all your case evidence, including photos and GPS location, or trace the movement of your mobile hard-drives, with our industry-first GURU Smartphone App.

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a man boards a bus belonging to the Capital District Transportation Authority

Case Study

Liability claim payouts drop with March Networks system

The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) in Albany, N.Y., has seen an 80 to 90 percent decrease in liability claim payouts since deploying a March Networks video surveillance system in 2007.


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